What Kind Of Traveller Are You?

Posted on 06/12/2019

We’re all different when it comes to travelling. For example, some of us like to plan months in advance - everything from flights to hotels to activities. Even the itinerary is planned out day to day. And then there are others who are more spontaneous… Travellers who like to “wing it” and figure out their plans once they arrive at their destination. This is just one example of travellers that differ, but today we thought it’d be fun to share 5 of the most common stereotypes when it comes to tourists.

1. Social Media Addict

The first type of stereotypical tourist is the social media addict. This is the traveller who posts their whereabouts on Instagram or Facebook at every chance they get (or every time they can find a wifi signal).This is also the type of traveller who depends on Yelp reviews to discover good, local restaurants near their location, and who take to Instagram stories to ask their followers whether they should hit the museum or beach next.This is definitely a newer addition to the stereotypical tourists, but they are more than common now-a-day!

2. Planner

The next stereotypical tourist is the planner.As mentioned earlier, this is the type of traveller who schedules their every move - from leaving their bed every morning to heading back into bed at night.This type of traveller does not enjoy when things don’t go as planned… They need to stick to their schedule to feel at ease - that’s why they booked & planned everything in advance… To avoid surprises! Unfortunately, travelling usually results in some sort of unexpected event that a fixed schedule can’t necessarily fix. That’s the beauty of discovering new places!

3. All-Inclusive Tourist

Next we have the all-inclusive tourist.This is the type of traveller who doesn’t want to worry about ANYTHING.So, they pay for packages that will include every little detail - from airport shuttle to breakfast, lunch and dinner.All-inclusive vacations are definitely more stress free - all you have to do is pay for the package and you’re set!Oh, but don’t forget to buy sunblock!

4. Backpacker

The backpacker is usually the most adventurous traveller.They like to explore & tend to be more of a risk taker… Usually, these types of travellers are on a budget, and travel for as cheap as possible in order to visit the most possible places.And let’s not forget… They have to be somewhat in shape to be able to lug their bags on their backs majority of the time!

5. Tour Group Tourist

And finally, we have the tour group tourist.This is the last stereotypical traveller who loves to travel with organized groups.This is definitely another way to travel more “stress free” because you always have a guide and other tourists around you (the bulk of the time).It’s also a great way to learn more about the city you’re visiting, because the guides are usually full of information and fun trivia.If you’re not the type of person who likes to read signs to gain insight on a specific monument or painting, then a tour group might be what you’re looking for!