How to Pack for Different Weather in One Suitcase

Posted on 07/09/2019

Have you ever been on a trip that has led you to different places that have extremely different weather?It can be a hassle to pack when you’ll be in a warm climate and then a cold one… But don’t fret.We have some useful tips for those who are struggling to pack for warm AND cold weather!

1. Pack Footwear for Multiple Weather Conditions

Our first tip is to pack footwear for multiple weather conditions.It’s important to do research on the types of winters different cities experience.For example, here in Montreal, our winters are hectic, and you need a good pair of boots with a good grip to make it through our slippery, slushy weather conditions.However, in Toronto, which is just a few hours away, they don’t get as much slushy snow, so they can get away with thinner heeled booties or even sneakers. Rainboots would even do the job.

Depending on how much room you have in your luggage and depending on the winter weather conditions of the place you’re visiting, we suggest packing a pair of leather boots, rainboots or a pair of water-repellent sneakers paired with some warm, wool socks.Socks don’t take up too much space, after all!Sneakers would also work for a more summery destination, but a pair of flats will also do the job!

2. Choose a Lightweight Coat for Travel

Our second tip is to choose a lightweight coat for travel.Small, packable down coats are the way to go when it comes to winter destinations.They’re very easy to scrunch up and pack, but also keep you warm when needed.You can also pack a lightweight, long parka if you’re expecting rain or snow and wear them over warm sweaters.Waterproof lightweight jackets will also be useful in warmer climates when there’s rain or for cooler nights once the sun has gone down.

3. Swap Bulky Sweaters for Thin Layers

Our third tip is to ditch the bulky sweaters that take up too much room in your luggage and swap them for thin layers.We recommend packing thin wool and silk layers which add warmth to any outfit when layered strategically.Adding a turtleneck under a blouse adds warmth, for example.

4. Layer Summer Clothing for Winter Travel

Our last tip is to layer summer clothing for winter travel.It’s very easy to bring summer clothing and layer them for winter.Packing a skirt or dress and adding tights for warmth once you’re in the cold is a perfect example!You can also layer a turtleneck under the dress for extra warmth, and don’t forget the thin layered coat and… Voilà!You’ll be toasty warm.Remove all the warm layers and you have your summer outfit ready!